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Discover below the different Geometry - workshops.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting one of them!

2 - 3 hours

Diving together into the power of geometry.


No difficult maths, but clear visuals that show the connection between geometry and all nature, yourself and the 6 elements.


The presentation will bring understanding  of the different shapes that are connected with the 3 phases of manifestation.

With a meditation we invite the frequency

of the shapes into ourself and our life.

4 hours  -  1 day

Assemble your own geometry.

In this workshop you make one of the Do It Yourself - packages. You will go home

with your own geometric shape.

Making the geometry yourself will help you to connect with the frequency of the shape and will help you to embrace its power.

Depending on the time, we can dive also into the talk and do a meditation as well.

1 - 5 days

Embrace the healing power of geometry.

In this day(s) we welcome the powerful frequency of sacred geometry

into ourself and the field.

Through understanding, creative exercises, meditations, nature, ... we dive into the energies of all the shapes as healing tools.

As sacred geometry is the language of light you open yourself for your highest truth.

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