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Candle Holder - Cocoon

Candle Holder for tealight to bring a nice athosphere in your place. As you bring light in it, the light will give a nice visual patron on the surface you have place it.

Let's shine the light.

Product information



- diameter: 11 cm    /  4,3 inch

- height:      6,5 cm  /  2,5 inch

- weight:     70 gram  /  2,47 ounce

for long burning tealights

(6 hours, diameter 39 mm - 1,53 inch and height 1,7 mm - 0,67 inch)


- diameter: 14 cm   /  5,5 inch

- height:     8,3 cm  /  3,3 inch

- weight:    140 gram  /  4,9 ounce

for long burning tealights

(8 to 10 hours, diameter 57 mm  -  2,24 inch)

Make sure the tealight is as high as the inner rim of the candle holder.


- assembled time: 10 min

- level of difficulty: easy

- Do It Yourself instructions:

This shape is also available as assembled as well.


- 3mm FSC-certified birch plywood, untreated 


• As this is a wooden form, avoid placing it in damp or rain.

• Each tealight holder is unique and may differ from the samples in the photos because of wood structure and laser cutting technique.


!! Be aware of the possible dangers when burning candles. Never leave candles unattended, be careful when children or animals are around, keep candles away from combustible materials such as curtains blowing in the wind, … Burning candles is always at one’s own risk..