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Jewelry Tree

Wooden jewelry holder for earrings and studs.

This tree dimentional Jewelry Tree is speciale made for womans with a lot of earrings that likes

also a beautiful design to stock then. This wooden tree will present well on your bedside table

and will bring a more nature-feeling into your place as well. Enjoy it!

Product information


- height: 26 cm  /  10,2 inch
- width:  26 cm  /  10,2 inch

- 152 holes in total


180 gram  /  6,35 ounce

This tree is available in 2 different colours:
pale version = FSC-certified birch plywood, untreated
dark version = FSC-certified meranti plywood, treated with oil (Woca Walnut 119)


- assembled time: 5 min

- level of difficulty: easy

- Do It Yourself instructions:

If after assembling the 2 root pieces at the bottom are still too loose, they can be glued with some wood glue or super glue. In this way the tree doesn’t fall apart when you replace it.


- 3mm FSC-certified birch plywood, untreated 

• As this is a wooden form, avoid placing it in damp or rain.

• Each earring tree is unique and may differ from the samples in the photos because of wood structure and laser cutting technique.

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