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Upcoming Events:
THe different types of Workshops:

Discover here the different Geometry - workshops.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting one of them!

2 - 3 hours

Diving together into the power of geometry.


No difficult maths, but clear visuals that show the connection between geometry and all nature, yourself and the 6 elements.


The presentation will bring understanding  of the different shapes that are connected with the 3 phases of manifestation.

With a meditation we invite the frequency

of the shapes into ourself and our life.

4 hours  -  1 day

Assemble your own geometry.

In this workshop you make one of the Do It Yourself - packages. You will go home

with your own geometric shape.

Making the geometry yourself will help you to connect with the frequency of the shape and will help you to embrace its power.

Depending on the time, we can dive also into the talk and do a meditation as well.

1 - 5 days

Embrace the healing power of geometry.

In this day(s) we welcome the powerful frequency of sacred geometry

into ourself and the field.

Through understanding, creative exercises, meditations, nature, ... we dive into the energies of all the shapes as healing tools.

As sacred geometry is the language of light you open yourself for your highest truth.

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Talk & Meditation

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this workshop at your place, event, festival or community.

" Being in the workshop was to experience Truth in the form of shapes. "



This talk travels from the 5 Platonic Solids and their inner connections, to the 13 Archimedean Solids. These Archimedean shapes are less known but important and necessary to integrate the spirits of the elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether) into your physical body and energetic field.  

The presentation shows the geometric patterns you can find all around and also within you: you are sacred geometry! And it also brings the different shapes into connection with the Stars and Source.

Sacred Geometry carries the creation code of Life, it is the language of Light.

The talk is built with a lot of images and animations. It has the intention to bring understanding of sacred geometry for everyone, without going into difficult math or quantumphysical theories. It gives you the possibility to connect and feel the different energies of all the shapes.

Mostly, we end the workshop with a short meditation, to bring the energies of the shapes more into our awareness and our own inner field: to breathe with these shapes, and bringing them in connection with our heart pulse.

Asset 63.png

The talk starts with the 5 Platonic Solids, the building blocks of Life where all Life in this Universe starts from. We will relate them to the 5 elements:  Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Ether. And we will discover their inner connections and how they interact with each other in perfect harmony.


The 13 Archimedean Solids come into life by editing one of the 5 Platonic Solids. We will travel through them to understand how they are formed and we will relate them also with the energies they embrace.

The presentation will show you how these Archimedean shapes make the connection between the spirits of the elements. Although these Archimedean Solids are less known by most people, these geometric shapes are really important: they carry the frequency of Integration and they are connected with Mother Earth.

It's these Archimedean shapes that bring your Soul-energy into every cell of your body. They help you with your inner journey to bring more understanding and unity into your present.

We will see how this process of integration goes in 3 differents phases: recognizing, synthesizing and crystallizing.

(information coming from The Template)

By bringing the Golden Ratio into connection with the nature around us we will discover that you can find this sacred geometric shapes everywhere. Even more, the presentation will show that you only exist out of geometry. After the talk you will understand the importance of sacred geometry more.

The presentation shows examples of how to use the different shapes in daily life and to discover the different functionalities each shape: so you can start to use it in your daily life.


You can find more information about Sacred Geometry here. This information will also be shared in the talk.

Practical information for participants:

- language:   Dutch or English


- level:           for everyone that want to understand & feel geometry


- duration:    2 - 3 hours  (it is nice to have time to feel the shapes during the presentation)

Practical information for host:

- location:     quiet place where people can sit (in a circle or half circle)

                      if possible it is nice to hang a geometric form (in the middle) and to make a little altar


- material:     beamer + projectscreen (in a dark room) or big television (depending on the amount of people)


- people:       no maximum amount, as long as all people can sit in a relaxed way.


- duration:    talk between 1:30 - 2h, meditation between 20 a 40 minutes

Find here the last version of the presentation  (31 May 2019  - 500 MB)

If you take parts out of this presentation to present to others, please note

and also make sure you make a reference to as source of inspiration.


Thanks a lot!

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DIY workshop
Do it yourself  - workshop



Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this workshop at your place, event, festival or community.

" The fact that I could make the geometric shape myself, gave my shape an extra dimension. Being creative in connection with the beautiful energy of the shape is an experience on its own. With thanks to the patience and professional assistance of Karel."



Would you like to make a sacred geometric shape yourself? But are you not completely sure if you can do it without supervision, then this workshop is perfect for you. Assembling the shape yourself will bring a much deeper connection with the energy that the geometry holds.

Starting from one of the Art is 't - Do It Yourself packages, you will make the shape step by step at your own speed, with assistance at the moment you think you will mess it up :-).

Depending on the duration of the workshop, we can also dive in the understanding of sacred geometry by going into the presentation of the talk (see above for the content). A meditation is also great to do, to tune into the energy of the shape, make the connection and feel what the shape can offer you.


Practical information for participants:

- language:   Dutch or English (language is not so important here because the assembling is quite visual)


- level:           for everyone that wants to make a geometric shape. Having patience is a "must" to assemble


- duration:    4 hours - 1 day  (depending on the shape)


clothes:      best to wear clothes that can handle a bit of glue without you needing to freak out  :-)

Practical information for host:

- location:     a quiet place where people can sit at a table and have some workspace


- material:     no material needed; I will bring the glue, Do It Yourself - packages and other tools myself


- duration:    depending on the shape (check here) but a minimum of 4 hours will make a relaxed workshop


- people:       max 8 persons


- shape:        people can choose between 3 shapes (that have more or less the same assemble-time)

                        to guarantee everyone has good assistance. 


(If we combine this workshop with the Talk & Meditation, check also the practical information of that workshop.)

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Awaken your Geometric Self


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this workshop at your place, event, festival or community.

Diving deeply into the feeling and healing of the frequency

of sacred geometry is a powerful gift for yourself.

On this day(s) we will flow deeply into the sacred geometry world. From different perspectives we will look and feel into the healing power that geometry carries within.



We will move slowly through the presentation, spread out over the day(s), so it will not overwhelm you on a mentally way. This theory will be with a lot of images that bring understanding of the shapes, their energies and inner connection (see the Talk & Meditation workshop above).


Through meditations we will deeply connect with the different energies and frequencies of the shapes, and we will take time to awake the geometry within ourself, to recognize and feel it.


Through individual and group exercises we will discover, feel and play with the energies of sacred geometry in and around us, taking time to embrace them and bring them into our body and daily life. We make the connection and interrelationship between ourself, our Mother Earth, father Sun and all the Stars.


Some exercises will be creative/artistic: making sacred geometry yourself (see the Make It Yourself - workshop above), drawing your own mandala, flower of life or geometry shape, ... You can always choose which exercise resonates with you. These creative exercises will stimulate your body even more to embrace the healing of geometry.  

Depending on the location we will be and do most of the exercises in nature because plants, animals, water, rocks and stones, ... are presenting the sacred geometry frequency so easily to us.  

Soul Matrix-picture-web-1.jpg
picture retreat geometry.jpg

The exercises will be focusing on feeling the frequency, and bringing healing in all the layers of your being. Reflecting time, silence, sharing and respect are essential keys during the day(s).  

As we are together co-creating our reality, we will take also time to share our experiences and feelings with each other, everyone on his/her own time and rhythm. Sharing what is living in ourself in the moment, will help us to learn from each other as well.


Depending on the group and the amount of days we can decide together what kind of activity will fit the best in the moment. As the program has different kinds of exercises with no fixed order, we can feel as group what fits the best in the moment of the day.


It is not allowed to take any supplements or plant medicine during this day(s).

Practical information for participants:

- language:   Dutch or English (but not mixed in one workshop)

- level:           for everyone that wants to feel geometry and has the will to dive into themself by self-reflecting and feeling what lives inside.​


- duration:    1 - 5 days​


- clouds:        flexible clothes so you can move easily and feel comfortable  

                      clothes that are OK to go and sit into nature and can have a bit of accidently dropped glue

Practical information for host:

- location:     a quiet place where people can sit and have the space to move and dance

                      access to nature is recommended!

                      yoga mats or other soft underground would be appreciated

                      if possible it is nice to hang geometry around


- material:    beamer + projectscreen (in a dark room) or big television (depending on the amount of people)

                        material for the creative exercises will be brought by me


- duration:    1 day - 5 days: the program can be easily spread out over 5 days, but a really short variant of it can be fit in a day of 8 hours.


- people:       max 14 persons 

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