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understand geo
Understand why Sacred Geometry is the language of Life Creation:
Understand the healing frequencies of the Heart Star.
Sacred Geometry is the language of Light, and carries the creation code of Life.

Bringing the geometric shapes into your awareness will help you to recognise, awaken and empower your Original Human Blueprint that is dormant in your DNA, waiting for you to reactivate.

The reason why Sacred Geometry is such a powerful and important healing tool, is because it is already in you: you are built of the structures of sacred geometry; the golden ratio is everywhere in you.

As we, as Humans, are living at this moment in a dualistic matrix, our geometric structure is not in its original Human functionality. Manipulated by the chemicals we eat, pollution around us, global mindsets we think, the fear and shame that ruled for so long in our human history, ... our geometry inside doesn't have the perfect structure anymore.


By bringing the sacred geometry in your environment and attention, you can heal your inner 'broken' geometry. Its working is based on the rule that moves this whole Universe: frequency reaching out to the same like frequency. Your body will automatically recognise the original geometry structures and will start vibrating at the same frequency again, your original frequency.


"Sacred Geometry is a Portal, that exists already within you!"


Starting from just one cell (sphere), your physical body comes into life, the same way as the Flower of Life does: a sphere that is making relationship with another, to share, interact, experience and express the frequency of Life. A sphere holds the frequency of endless potential and it carries all geometric patterns within. It is all and everything in one shape. It is the shape of your eyes, the shape on which you walk, our Earth. And the shape that feeds you with light, our Sun.


Geometric shapes are in fact no fixed images or sculptures, but fractals of constantly moving Life Force energy. Like the captioning of one frame out of a full movie. It is a constant play between electricity and magnetism, reaching out and finding each other to create Life.

If you go into the laws of quantum physics, you would discover that in fact your physical body is not fixed material, but all dots of energy, moving constantly in the empty space of your being. If you should press all your matter together, you would discover that you are only some millimetres big, in height or round. Bringing this concept into your awareness will open yourself for the ocean of endless possibilities of Life Creation within you. Seeing yourself as an endless, constantly dying and rebirthing being, gives you the opportunity to create your reality every moment again, in co-creation with your mind - heart - body system and the whole Universe.

Through a deep understanding of this, you will recognise that there is no difference between you and the other, or your environment. You are energy, coming into matter through geometry. Everything is energy, all in a perfect dance.


Diving into the structures of yourself and all nature, you will find geometric patterns everywhere and you discover that all Life grows on the Golden Ratio. You will see the Dodecahedron (element Ether) as the structure of plankton, corn and pollen, .... The Cube (element Earth) is the building block for salt. The Tetrahedron (element Fire) is found in the macro image of an Algae skeleton. Each shape holds a special frequency within it, to bring a unique way of Life into form.

sacred geometry in nature
sacred geometry into nature
sacred geomtry in nature
sacred geometry into nature
cube in salt.jpg

The 5 Platonic Solids

The whole Universe is built upon just 5 shapes that generate all Life: the 5 Platonic solids. In a Platonic solid,  all surfaces, angles and edges are equal. If you would draw a sphere around a Platonic shape all the corners of the shape will be exact on the surface of that sphere.


Each of the Platonic Solids carries the energy of an element within: Fire, Air, Earth, Ether and Water.  


If you dive deeper into this Platonic Solids you will discover that they play with each other in endless ways: You can fit 5 Cubes into 1 Dodecahedron. Connecting the middlepoints of all surfaces of a Cube will bring you the Octahedron, and vice versa. The same you can do with the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron. You can fit a Tetrahedron perfectly into a Cube. In the middle of a StarTetrahedron you will discover an Octahedron: element Air feeds element of Fire. And so on. The building blocks of Life are working in perfect harmony together.

Platonic solids are electric and hold the frequency of activating, male energy and spirit.

They are connected to our Sun, also electric. 


The 13 Archimedean Solids

As the Platonic Solids are quite known, the 13 Archimedian Solids are not, although they are really important!

The Archimedian Solids carry the frequency of INTEGRATION within. They are magnetic and hold the frequency of matter and feminine energy. It is these shapes that are connected to Mother Earth and so you need them to bring the power of the 5 Platonic solids, the spirits energy, into material existance.

Bringing these shapes into your field of awareness will change your life completely, and will help you to grow into who you really are: a Stargate in time and space, between the Earth and her Sun.


It is these Archimedean Solids that bring your Quantum Galactic Identity - energy into every cell of your body and help you with your inner journey to bring more understanding and unity into your present.


The 3 steps of integration

The Archimedean Solids are coming into life starting from one of the 5 Platonic Solids: the spirit of the element comes into matter and creation starts. This process of integration can be ordered into 3 differents phases: recognizing, synthesizing and crystallizing. It is through the Archimedean solids that the Platonic solids come together and start to work together. The Archimedean shapes bring connection between the spirits of the 5 elements. 

phase 1: Iconic solids  /  recognizing

It is in this conceptual stage that integration into matter begins, a conceptual blueprint comes into Life. It is the first step of expansion of the feminine. This integration is as much physical as spiritual at the same time.


The 6 geometric shapes that are involved in this stage of coming into form, do so by expanding (from the centre) all the edges from a Platonic Solid and connect again at this expanded position. An Archimedean solid is born. As it is a bit easier to visualise, you can also think in terms of cutting off the corners of a Platonic solid to come to this Archimedean shapes - it brings the same shape as if you expanded the edge. Because of the powerful image of expanding from a Platonic shape to an Archimedean one as a growing process, it feels important that you still see that visual into your mind. ​By doing this expansion of the edges, you will discover that you can move automatically from a Cube to an Octahedron (or visa versa) or from a Dodecahedron to an Icosahedron (or visa versa). It is here where the spirits of the shapes start to work together.

geometry wedding between Earth and Air

In the exact middle between Cube and Octahedron, a Cubeoctahedron comes into Life: the symbiosis between element Air (breathing) and Earth. It is this shape that helps you to breathe in consciousness on this planet, breathing with your Mother Earth as one. It is also this geometry that holds the frequency of a torus field (the shape of an apple or donut). It is a powerful geometry that is the blueprint of your auric field.​

The same interaction you can find with the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron: moving to each other, you will find in the exact middle of them, the symbiosis between element Ether and Water. It is the Icosidodecahedron that holds this frequency of this sacred marriage.


phase 2: Embryonic solids  /  synthesizing

It is in this second stage of integration that the spirit energies become tangible in your body, in your cells.


The 4 geometric shapes that are involved in this stage of coming into form, do so by expanding (from the centre) all the surfaces (in stead of the edges in the first stage) of a Platonic Solid and connect again in this new expanded position.

Also here, you will discover that elements come and work together. Expanding the surfaces of a Cube brings you to the same shape as expanding the surfaces of an Octahedron. Again a wedding between element Earth and Air, on a deeper level. (shape 1)

Looking to the 3th shape, you will discover that the expansion of the surfaces of a Dodecahedron (12 pentagrams) brings the same geometric shape as expanding the 20 surfaces (triangles) of an Icosahedron. Again a sacred marriage between elements Ether and Water.

phase 3: Gaia solids  /  Crystallizing

It is in this 3rd stage of integration that the energy of spirit (the Sun) crystallised into matter (the Earth). The energies of the Platonic Solids become fully manifested and expressed into every cell of your body.


The 2 geometric shapes that are involved in this stage, bring even more the energies of the spirits of the Platonic solids together.


The first shape comes into form by expanding again the edge of a Cubeoctahedron (see above) and brings the energy of the torus-field deeply into manifestation.


The second shape comes from the same edge-expanding action, but starting from the Icododecahedron (see above). In this shape the elements of Earth, Water and Ether are united in one form: all elements you need to start Life on Earth.

The 6th element:  stellar radiance

Stellar Radiance is that form of Light that carries the creation code of Prana, and connects us directly with our sun, all stars, the whole universe and the source.

To bring this stellar radiance energy into a geometric shape, you put points on each surface of a shape. It will make the connection between the spirit that this specific shape is holding, with his source frequency coming from the Stars and the Heart of the Cosmos.

Making these, points on a shape will bring the connection to all the Stars, as your points are reaching out to them. In fact you need to see these points as just one physical visualisation of an endless reaching out movement: you can make the points endless, outwards but inwards as well, reaching again to the Source within.

Ar-is-t geo infopicture-12.jpg

Gaia Terra Prana Star

Ar-is-t geo infopicture-13.jpg

Gaia Aqua Solar Star

You can bring points on all the geometric shapes, Platonic as well as Archimedean. As an example, you find above the pictures of the 2 shapes of the 3rd step of integration, with points on the surfaces. As they are bringing the crystallisation of the spirit into your body they carry an incredible powerful energy within. Bringing these shapes in connection with the Stars and the whole Universe ,empowers them even more.  

​Both of these shapes are called "Stars of Immortality" by The Template. A name that perfectly expresses the incredible energies that these shapes embrace.

Please note that a lof of this information above came to my by The Template Ceremonies.

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