Sacred Geometry:  Discover, breathe and become Geometry
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Sacred Geometry is the universal ‘language' of Life. It is a powerful tool to recalibrate your body-mind-heart system with Source Identity and your original Human blueprint.

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Aqua Fractal

Aqua Solar Sphere

Circles in Circles - n2

Circles in Circles - n5

Embryonic Solar Sphere

Flower of Life

Gaia Aqua Solar Star

Gaia Terra Prana Star

Heart Star

Prana Fractal

Solar Sphere

Tantric Star

Terra Prana Circle - one

Aqua Fractal Vortex

Aqua Sphere

Circles in Circles - n3

Creation Flower

Embryonic Terra Prana Circles

Flower of Life - 3D

Gaia Matrix

Gaia Terra Prana Vortex

Hyper Experience Geometry

Prana Sphere

Soul Matrix

Tantric Terra Prana Sphere

Terra Sphere

Aqua Solar Circles - Triple

Circles in Circles - n1

Circles in Circles - n4

Creation Matrix

Embryonic Terra Sphere

Gaia Aqua Solar Sphere

Gaia Terra Prana Sphere

Gaia Vortex


Pyra Sphere

Tantirc Pulse

Terra Prana Circle - Triple

Torus Vortex

Gaia Aqua Solar Sphere in nature


Gaia Terra Prana Sphere in nature


Embryonic geometry in nature

Tantric Terra Prana Sphere in nature


Detailed pictures of some shapes


Solar and Aqua Sphere

The making of a handmade Gaia Aqua Solar Star