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Geometry made by Jiva Carter
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About The Template
Most of the geometric shapes you find in my work, as well as their beautiful names,

are inspired by the Template Ceremonies! 💛

The Template is a model of 16 coded Ceremonies

made by Juliet (quantum poet) & Jiva Carter (geometry master).


The ceremonies reconnect bio circuits permanently with Sacred Geometry, Spoken Code

and Phi-Sonic Healing Frequencies and will awaken your Original Human Blueprint.

"Never was there a time when you did not exist

Never will there come a time when you cease to be

You are unborn




You are not only this …

you are the Universe"

Juliet J Carter

You can watch the first ceremonies online (for free):


 !! Codes must be done in sequence !!

code 1: Original Innocence   (1hour)

code 2: Ceremony of Synthesis   (1hour)

code 4: Source Ceremony (40 min)


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A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence

The Template links alchemical ceremony with brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine

system, DNA, the archetypal arena and the morphogenetic eld to reveal the holonomic

system of creation which births and binds the Human hologram.

We are the technology we’ve been waiting for!

Juliet J Carter

Check also this wonderful and powerful Ceremonies they made               

These ones do not need to be done in sequence

Clear and Protect - Ceremony


helps you to come back in your own centre.

(14 min)

Sacred Day - Ceremony

offers beautiful texts to honour

every element in and around you

Earth Resonance Ceremony


offers a wonderful texts & geometry

to honour your connection with your Mother Earth.

Template - Podcasts
by Juliet J Carter
My personal journey of change through The Template

Please note that these experiences are my own, thus personally mapped in the story and structures of my life. Doing the template ceremonies does not mean you will have the same experiences. But it can give you a feeling and idea of the changes and growth the ceremonies can bring you.

I did The Template Ceremonies 1 - 6 in January 2017, and ceremonies 7 - 16 for the first time in December 2017.​


For me it feels like my life splits up in two parts: a life before and after. From a life of surviving to a life of being connected with myself. I gained a deeper feeling and understanding of the plays in the universe and I started to follow and live my own path and truth more and more. The ceremonies guided me into a deep level of answers to and experiencing of the 3 questions of Life:

Who am I?  Where am I coming from?  Why am I here - what did I came to do here on this planet Earth ?

Juliet J Carter

It was not that I was not into spiritual things before! When I started doing The Template ceremonies I did already meditations, bodywork, healing, lightwork,... for years. Reconnecting my bio-circuitries through the ceremonies have brought a deep change: I felt much more complete, much more connected to my whole being, and I started to experience unity: inside my cells, in my way of thinking and believing, ... I tried to act in the best possible way to integrate into my life.

After the ceremonies I dived automatically into sungazing. Barefoot-walking came spontaneously into my life, as a way to feel my natural state as Human, to be electro-magnetically connected to my Mother Earth and my Father, the Sun. I started to have moments after the sungazing I could feel the sky like a whole sphere around me, where each movement could be felt and became sacred: I could feel the wings of the bird passing in the sky as if I was the wings, as if I was flying, the joy of the leaf of a flower dancing in the wind, ... an incredible deep connection and sensitivity. All happened in a natural way, without taking any substance. The beauty of this whole world became present into my cells.

Does it mean all became much easier? No, for sure not, even more questions came and I needed to pass through to find out in every moment again Who I am and what my own truth was. As I became even more sensitive than I was already, some things became even harder: holding blabla-talks, driving a car, wearing shoes, being around technology, no natural sounds, ... Even sitting into a leather sofa felt like a decrease of my energy field, as my sensitivity started to feel the murder of the animal that is was before. More and more I could not fit any more into the beliefs and activities that are common even in the spiritual communities.  

Hearing the play of a shamanic drum, even played wonderful, feels as a stimulance and strengthening of the frequency of death on Earth as it is made from a killed animal. The concept of what we call 'the circle of Life' started to show his hidden truth for me: a global accepted romantic mindset that holds the frequency of duality on Earth. 'An excuse' to kill. Being a vegetarian was no longer an attitude coming from my mind to help nature and to live more healthy, but became a natural behavior out of my body-mind flow that told me the truth of it .

Quite quickly after doing the ceremonies, I sensed that – when I was about to cut a vegetable for cooking – I had to block the natural flow of my emotional body to be able to do it, because it was not aligned with my highest truth within me to witness that something needed to die for something else to live.

The concept of pranic breathing and physical immortality started to come in. Not to focus on as a goal, but as a frequency where I can tune into, as my highest truth, to embrace more and more into my body and to bring into the field of Earth. As we are all connected, we will move all together.

No chants to gods, how beautiful the voice might be, no angels to call, no moon to pray, no identities between me and my Source, the Source is in me, I am the Source. All external reference points broke down and fell away, completely naked in my own thoughts and emotions. I needed to feel myself. All dualistic belief systems, and even common spiritual ideologies were coming up for review and were slipping away. No escape possible, just in the moment, my moment: What is my own truth? Feeling myself as sentient, sovereign and eternal.

After the Ceremonies, I couldn't cut my hair anymore, because I feel it is a living part of me. New ideas came into my life by the template, not as a theory in my mind, but as energies that I felt in my heart and physical body. Due to The Template Ceremonies my sensitivity became 1000 times deeper, further and higher. I can feel myself now as a sentient souvereign and eternal being.

Self-reference, conscious breathing, sungazing, barefoot walking, understanding and forgiveness, became my daily tools to breathe with, to see the perfection in duality and to see and live my own truth.

No out-of-body meditations any more, no safety backups, only the recognition of myself as a Stargate between Earth and Sun, breathing with all, as we are connected with all, the pain as well the love, pulsing on the rhythm of the Heart of the Cosmos, in complete perfection of all Life in all Universes. Unity not as a theory of a second or other world, but as a frequency that is already in me, I choose to live it, in every moment again. I am reconnected to my Source.

I am the dancer and the dance, I am the universe,

I am a Worldbridger.

Thank you Juliet! Thank you Jiva! For all, again and again.

picture: Estelle Mae
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