Heart Star

As you breathe with Mother Earth,

sense and feel the field of Light within you,

feeding your body with the pulse of Life coming from the Stars.

I am an endless flow of Life Energy.

This geometry awakens and empowers your energetic field.

Breathing from your Heart center in conscious harmony with Mother Earth, your torus field comes into optimal flow.

- This shape helps you to breathe with Earth's crystalline core.
- It brings integration of the Air & Earth elements.

- It connects your torus (auric) field with the Stars & Source.

The core of this star is a Cuboctahedron and brings the elements "Air" and "Earth" into one: If you move from a Cube (element Earth) to an Octahedron (element Air) the Cubeoctahedron comes into life in the exact middle of this movement.

The Cubeoctahedron is also the blueprint from which the torus emerges: the energetic field through around you, in the shape of an apple or donut, in an eternal movement of giving and receiving.


If you let energy fly from the centre of a Cubeoctahedron, going into the triangle on the top, and let it move around the shape so it flows back to the centre by passing through the triangle below, you create this torus-field (see one of the picture).


Through this form, the sacred wedding between Air and Earth starts to live within you. As this shape merges Earth and Air together - and hold the frequency of a torus - it carries the power of consciouss breathing on Earth.

The peaks on each face reinforce the effect of the inner form. They make the form expand and reach for the stars, the cosmos, to every point in the universe. Imagine that these peaks reach endlessly inwards and outwards, thus creating a connection with every point in the cosmos as well with all the endless levels into yourself. The universe is everywhere: endlessly outside and inside in you. The physical peak is only one visual representation of the infinite possibilities.

As this geometry is an Archimedean shape, it holds a magnetic frequency and creates a field that will protect you and your environment from unnatural electric energies made by electronics like plugs, cables, lamps, …

You can hang or put this form somewhere to decorate the room. Spinning the shape will reinforce the energy from within even more and it will transmit its power to the environment as a field of frequency.

More general information about sacred geometry you find here.

Product information


27 cm  /  10,6 inch


60 gram  /  2,12 ounce


- assembled time: 3 hours

- level of difficulty: Medium: just take your time and work carefully

- Do It Yourself instructions: www.art-is-t.net/diy-heart-star

This shape is also available as assembled as well.


- 1,5 + 3 mm Birch plywood, untreated 

• As this is a wooden form, avoid hanging it in damp or rain.

• Each geometry is unique and may differ from the samples in the photos because of wood structure and laser cutting technique.  

• Be careful with this form: once assembled it is fairly solid, but still it might break when handled roughly. If it breaks, try to fix it with fast setting wood glue.

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With love and gratitude to The Template - Ceremonies!

The template is a model of 16 coded ceremonies that reactivate your original human blueprint by reconnecting bio-circuitries through the alchemy of geometry, spoken code and music.

The description of the geometric shape contains fragments inspired by the The Template codes, as well as the beautiful names of the geometry.

If you feel resonance with this geometry, I highly recommend you to do the template ceremonies!


• More info you find on their website: www.thetemplate.org.

• Find here an overview of all The Template Ceremonies you can watch online for free!

© Karel Robert - Art is 't

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