Gaia Terra Prana Vortex

Flowing within the breath of your inner source

you dive into your crystalline human matrix

entering the sacred space of needlessness in you

becoming a Stargate of your pure conscious Self.

This geometry crystallizes the energy of a Torus field into a strong and endless spiral flow, bringing it into the unified field. Elements Air and Earth come in perfect harmony together, become anchored in yourself and help you to breathe conscious in unity with your inner core and your Mother Earth.

The centre of this shape consists of a Gaia Terra Prana Sphere, the shape that holds the frequency of manifestation of the sacred marriage between the elements Air and Earth into matter. It is also the shape that crystallises the Cubeoctahedron, the blueprint of a Torus field, into matter. This Gaia Terra Prana Sphere helps you to bring your Torus field tangible into your physical body: your breath becomes an endless flow from the zero-point within you, eternal Life starts to flow within you, without a beginning nor end.


On each square of the Gaia Terra Prana Sphere, is a Cube: element Earth comes into life even more. And at all the outside-squares of this 12 cubes you find vortex-components: a cilinder-shape with crossing lines within. This brings an energetic spiralling movement into life that starts to flow through the 6 lines into the whole shape.


These 6 lines bring the energy of the central shapes through an endless spiral flow into the field. The power of becoming your breath flows as it spirals out into the world. Your breathing comes in alignment with the breath and pulse of Mother Earth, as one flow.


The outside sphere brings the frequency of Unity into the shape. It is this outside sphere that binds the inside components together and gives it a gentle flow to bring the vortex energies into its environment as one.

This geometric composition is focused on INTEGRATION and CRYSTALLISATION of the elements Air and Earth, thus it holds a magnetic field that carries a female energy within. 

You can hang this form somewhere to decorate the room. Spinning the shape will reinforce the energy from within even more and it will transmit its power to the environment as a field of frequency.

You find more general information about sacred geometry here.

Product information


40 cm  /  15,6 inch


160 gram   /  5,6 ounce


- assembled time: 5 - 7 hours

- level of difficulty: rather difficult - it asks focus, patience and a bit of fine-tuned hands

- Do It Yourself instructions:


This shape is also available fully assembled.


- 3 mm + 0,8 mm Birch plywood

• As this is a wooden form, avoid hanging it in damp or rain.

• Each geometry is unique and may differ from the samples in the photos because of wood structure and laser cutting technique.  

• Be careful with this form: once assembled it is fairly solid, but still it might break when handled roughly. If it breaks, try to fix it with fast setting wood glue.

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With love and gratitude to The Template - Ceremonies!

The template is a model of 16 coded ceremonies that reactivate your original human blueprint by reconnecting bio-circuitries through the alchemy of geometry spoken code and music.


The description of the geometric form on this page contains fragments that are inspired by The Template codes as well as the beautiful names of the geometry.

If you feel resonance with this geometry I highly recommend you to do The Template ceremonies.

• You find more information on

• You can watch the first ceremonies online for free!

• Check also their beautiful Sacred Day Ceremony and powerful Clear and Protect Ceremony.

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